Moving your business online in this era is so important. Menuco has started as an idea to fill a void in the Restaurant and Takeaway business for affordable Menu showcase order and Payment system which can be easily configured by the food outlet itself or with assistance by experienced Menuco staff. After some deliberation, a decision was made to cater not only to the food industry but to any industry that needs a shopping cart. Menuco helps businesses to grow by transforming physical business into online business.

Some ideal examples are liquor outlets, dairies, butcher shops, online stores, in fact, anything. This easy-to-manage platform has the capabilities to enter a logo, details regarding the business, addresses, item descriptions with images, a shopping cart, and a system accepting most payment types. And best of all it can be completely set up and running within a couple of hours. Menuco will look after the hosting all you have to do is run your business. Any problems our support staff are there for you!

We have a team to build attractive, low cost apps for small and medium-sized businesses.
We are providing email and chat support to our clients. We have an excellent customer support to handle client's queries.

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